Little Trouble in Tall Tree


Beneath the peaceful exterior of the leafy town of Tall Tree, the brutal baby gangster underworld is simmering to a hard boil.  Squeezy the Cheeks, undisputed leader of the long ruling North Wood crew, is facing the toughest challenge of his career: his archnemesis Harry the Rash, who rules the Poopypants Gang with an iron rattle, is making a play for Squeezy’s territory.  Mama’s Boy, the freshest recruit into Squeezy’s mob of infant thugs, is unwittingly thrust into the middle of the massive heist Squeezy must pull off to keep himself and his crew in their seat of power. Everything is at stake for the North Wood Gang.  But can Mama’s Boy keep it together to make the score, or will the mysterious redhead he encounters at Story Time distract him at his most important hour? Join Mama’s Boy as he journeys into the dark underbelly of the baby hoodlum wars and is forced to change his worldview forever.


The Agony and the Epic Doody


Squeezy the Cheeks was the most volatile and wily baby gangster in the entire North Wood section of Tall Tree.  I had joined his crew in the great Zero Day colostrum caper.  That felt like an eternity ago.  On days like today, my job was basically to hang around and wait for him to throw up.

“Everything is different nowadays.”  He swiveled his chair and raised his chin toward the corner of the room...